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Hoshii Mono (wa)- soft sub

HI... i just done with my new project:
Hoshii Mono Wa SUBBING ^ ^

i really love this song and i love the lyric soooo much. once i heard it, i really fell in love w it.
i wonder if you do too ^ ^...
so... based on my love to this beautiful song, i do a little subbing
and i should explain this first...

i'm new at subbing things, and, i'm just a beginer in japanese...
i don't really know if i make any mistakes here... i just subbed it the best i could do...
so pleasee... do tell me... but, sorry i can't fix this file... *too tired to fix, i'm not an expert also ^ ^;*

o yeah... the video i used, i get it from daytimepanda 
sooo thanks to her iei!

well... here's the links ^ ^
enjoyyy <333

(sorry i have updated the LINKS ^ ^;... NOW... ENJOY<333)

.srt (5.25 Kb) ------- LINK:  MF 
2. .sub (dvdsub format; 5,58 Kb) ------- LINK:  MF   >> put the video in the same place/ folder with the .sub file, just klik the video and the sub will appear directly

3. SOFTSUB FOLDER -------- LINK:  MF  >> as if you want to DL those two :D


ps: to
tegoshitteruth : yoroshikuw douzou :D