November 3rd, 2009


Lyric & Translation: Cinematic & Hitotsu no Uta

first of all:

happy 25th b-day for イエロ!!!
wish him all the best

after kyuu jyou show!! i tried to translate Cinematic and Hitotsu no Uta
actually i've tried to translate Brilliant Blue also, but useless
since i'm not really into the song... and well, i admit,
i couldn't understand the lyric well either xD

sorry... but here i bring you lyrics and translations of:

Collapse )


Collapse )

fuaaahhh!!! what a wonderful songs eito sing for us!!!
i feel honored as an eighter and as a friend ♥♥♥

and Cinematic is definitely a BRILLIANT romantic song >,,,,,<

so minna san, i want to sing with you too someday...
in eito concert, definitely ♥♥♥

hope you enjoy the lyrics~